Earth 22: Rivers

Earth 22: Rivers


Ronnie Siegel
Los Angeles, CA, United States


January 20, 2020

Dallas, TX Ecological Devastation Tour

I received the globe from Chris Guldi from the Dallas Sierra Club at the beginning of November 2019. On November 26th I organized an Ecological Devastation […]
October 12, 2019
youth group on the climate walk hear about health issues related to climate change

A Climate Walk through Downtown Dallas

In Dallas we do not have disappearing glaciers, dying polar bears, or advancing tidal floods. Our average annual temperature has not even changed much over the […]
June 11, 2019
Earth 22 with tree downed by storm

River in the Sky

At 12:30 Sunday the sun shone in a blue sky. At 1:30 the sky looked like charcoal. Rain fell like a waterfall. Wind blew like a […]
December 4, 2018

Globe 22 in Europe with the Yellowjackets

We just returned from a European tour with Globe #22, where our group performed our composition Greenhouse. This performance was filmed in 1996 with The Dutch […]
October 18, 2018

Peruvian Amazon

A conversation with David Vilca Cabezas, the first carrier of EARTH 22:   David Vilca Cabezas in his short lifetime of 25 years has noticed the […]
September 20, 2018

The Story of Carry the EARTH

My thoughts and environmental concerns: My biggest environmental concern is climate change because it can unleash natural forces that humanity may never be able to reverse. […]

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